Sunday, 12 April 2015

National organizations empowering women entrepreneurs

1. FIWE: The Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs

Based out of Delhi, FIWE was established in 1993. It now has over 15000 members and around 28 member associations. The aim of this organization is to help empower women entrepreneurs through training on technical know-how, industry research, expertise, and skill development. They concentrate largely on the SME segment.
2. TREAD: Trade Related Entrepreneurship Assistance and Development
The MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) Ministry runs a scheme in both urban and rural areas to help overcome the developmental hurdles faced by women. This organization helps develop the entrepreneurship skills of women in non-farm activities by providing them with information and counselling with respect to trade.
3. CWEI: Consortium of Women Entrepreneurs of India
A leading organization in the field, CWEI works with UN Women, the MSME Ministry and the Ministry of Rural Development. They are in the forefront of all initiatives concerned with assisting women entrepreneurs – help them learn better marketing skills, work with tribal and backward women to integrate them with urban organizations and devising new and innovative methods for arranging financing for women run businesses.
The Indus Entrepreneurs movement ‘Stree Shakti’ aims at connecting and enabling enterprising women from different classes of society through a series of on-ground focused programs. They are a leading organization in mentoring, educating and providing inspiration.

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