Sunday, 12 April 2015

Ahimsa Messenger Program by National Mission for Empowerment of Women

The Ministry of Women and Child Development has initiated the programme “Ahimsa Messenger” which aims at empowering women to make India free from violence against women and children.

The objective of Ahimsa Messenger Programme is to prevent violence against women and children by generating awareness about their basic legal rights, procedures and provisions at the grassroots. The major provision of the programme includes facilitating an enabling environment for safety and security of women and children at all levels through community participation, especially of local leaders, adolescent boys and men, opinion makers, village elders etc.

The programme involves both men & women including youths so they would further educate women and children about their rights, legal provisions regarding violence against them and about general legal procedures; such that all forms of crimes and violence against women and children should be eliminated, and justice should be ensured to the women and children affected by violence and crimes against them

Ahimsa Messengers would also serve as link workers and facilitate the women to approach the concerned authorities in case of incidences of violence against them for suitable redressal and follow up on the case.

The programme aims to generate awareness among the community especially adolescent girls and boys about their civic responsibilities and duties. It envisages providing special training to Ahimsa Messengers and to the various cadres of Master Trainers comprising of grass root level workers and filed functionaries under various programmes of the government across the country.

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