Terms and Conditions

Terms, Conditions & Policies:

1. Ki-WiE is a social initiative, anyone who joins for the cause will be considered as a volunteer who will work or provide his/her services at his/her will and without any remuneration.
2. No volunteer is authorized to collect or distribute any money or monetary material on behalf of Ki-WiE.
3. Any volunteer who wishes to work for the cause in association with Ki-WiE, he/she must get registered by providing the required personal details.
4. A volunteer must take a written approval/permission from Ki-WiE management before starting any initiative for the cause.
5.Volunteers must fulfill all the SSLTP-KPIs to become eligible for the financial assistance by Ki-WiE.
6. Financial assistance to be given to a volunteer will be at sole discretion of Ki-WiE. 
7. Volunteer must use the financial assistance for women entrepreneurship, to become self employed and self reliant.
8. Financial assistance is a financial help to encourage women entrepreneurship and once the business started by the funded volunteer becomes profitable, volunteer is requested to donate INR 100 per month to Ki-WiE, as a contribution for its growth.
10. Ki-WiE reserves the right to terminate the financial assistance and the services of a volunteer who is found guilty of: 
  • Misusing Ki-WiE's name in any manner
  • Committing a fraud in any manner
  • Misbehaving or disciplinary issue
  • Creating nuisance 
  • False commitment or Forcing or misleading anyone to add her as volunteer for the sake of monetary gains.

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