Thursday, 16 April 2015

Are YOU doing all you CAN ?

It's been 67 years of Independence and our great nation is still a developing country NOT a developed one. India, our country has a great history, culture and heritage (e.g. first civilization, introduced decimal system, yoga & spiritual enrichment, Ayurved, moral & ethical values,....etc...). India is the country which initiated the civilization process and lead the world, but as of now other countries have taken the lead. What is keeping such a great nation behind? Who should be blamed?... our earlier generations, today's politicians, government policies, bla..bla..bla... WHO?

In my personal point of view - Its 'WE' !!! We are the one who are not letting our nation to progress as we have learnt to blame and to give excuses. We have become selfish and greedy, we want to live a luxurious life style, want to be rich and wealthy, this seems to be the only focus of everyone whether he/she is aged or young, Who CARES!!! is the attitude each one carries, untill unless something drastic happens to us, we really do not care. Corruption evolves from greed and selfishness, so 'WE' are responsible for the ever increasing corruption in our country. I really mean when I say 'WE' are CORRUPT!!

Do not wait for something drastic to happen to get into action, Its high time that 'WE' realize and BEHAVE responsibly towards ourselves, our families and our society. Lets regain the lost glory!!

•Are you REALLY satisfied with the quality of life and present conditions in the place you live ?
•Imagine a picture of future India and your children without you. Do you see them living in a secure and non-corrupted environment?
•In recent decades, 500,000 female births have gone missing each year due to (illegal) sex selection and abortion.
•Do you know 42% of poor population in world, lives in India ?
•What have you contributed or tried to contribute to our nation and its progress?

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